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" Treat your body like Royalty "



        We believe that the body is a temple which we must respect and in turn we will lead a healthier life. I believe in alternative medicines such as massage and herbal remedies. Medicine is a cover up of the true problem. If you are tired of taking medicine and in need of someone/something to give you energy, keep you healthy and actually deal with your ailment then you need to make an appointment with me.

 We want to work closely with you to help design a session or sessions that will improve your health in a healthy without adding to insult or injury. Together we can find your oasis in life.. Let me know your needs and lets meet them.. TOGETHER..

 Remember when your grandmother would ask you to rub her feet? Well I do and little did I know that I possessed healing hands! I would now like you to experience them!

  We offer many outcall services where we bring relaxation and wellness to you ! Whether it be a birthday party, event,  Corporate Event, family reunion or you just want a say of pampering. We offer a wide array of additional features such as catering, event planning and full service health and wellness associates.  Book an event with us and find out what you've been missing !





Kim Langston Ethical Massage Practioner/ EMP, Holistic Health Practitioner  

A graduate of Lincoln College of Technology in  Marietta, Ga ,2008 Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Body-works. Also trained in stretching, a shiatsu, Swedish-deep tissue-myofascial massage and facials.

As a child I use to massage my grandma for candy and quarters. I believe I have always had a natural gift of healing. I truly believe through muscle manipulation  and healthy living we can create better health without the use of man made medicines.  I have natural healing hands and your body will communicate to them and through this action WE WILL find your place of bliss where relaxation meets you  !

Currently a Ethical Massage Practitioner in Ohio..

Each and every practitioner that works for Executive Massage & Wellness believes  in Heath and Energy and are trained to offer Above Excellent service.